Wine Tasting: Fine wines - August (16th Aug 1996)

Assorted new arrivals.

1. Alfred Gratien non vintage

16th Aug 1996 GBP20 Champagne Sparkling White

Yeasty, creamy nose.
Mature with rich cream and oak flavours and a touch of green, appley acidity on the finish.
Excellent now but should develop well with a couple of years.

2. 1995 James Herrick Chardonnay IB009

16th Aug 1996 GBP10 France Table White

Made from just 2 barrels of unfiltered, unfined d'Oc Chardonnay.
Pale and bright with a forward, prickly nose.
Full bodied with rich sweet/sour fruit - citrus, oak and nut flavours and a long, vanilla finish.

3. 1995 Balland Chapuis Sancerre Cuvee Pierre

16th Aug 1996 GBP20 Loire Table White

A late harvested Sancerre - the grower apparently discards up to a third of his crop in any given vintage because he dislikes the flavours of botrytis!
Rich and aromatic with aromas and flavours of lychees and bananas.
Medium sweet, light and elegant with a touch of oak, and a finish of caramel and nuts.
Very well balanced - ideal with pate.

4. 1994 Jayer Gilles Hautes Cotes de Beaune

16th Aug 1996 GBP14 Burgundy Table Red

Pale in colour with a fairly dumb nose - a hint of strawberries.
Much more open on the palate with flavours of tobacco, coffee and new oak. Not heavy but plenty of complexity and a long finish.
Should be very good in a year or two.

5. 1994 Rocca Albino Barbera Gepin

16th Aug 1996 GBP9 Piedmont Table Red

Intense, brooding nose with pungent, barnyard notes.
Rich and warm on the palate, with good weight, excellent balance and a concentrated finish.
Plenty of acidity and firm tannins make this wine a good match for roasted meats or rich stews.

6. 1993 Tim Knappstein Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

16th Aug 1996 GBP9 Australia Table Red

Opaque, fading to blood-red.
Massive nose with green, vegetal aromas.
Full bodied and rich, with flavours of sweet, red capsicums and peppercorns. Rich dry tannins and a long finish.
Very enjoyable now but should develop for another 5 years.

7. 1993 De Bortolli Noble One Semillon

16th Aug 1996 GBP26 Australia Dessert White

Deep, bright, orange/gold.
Very concentrated and full bodied, with aromas of oranges and marmalade, almost viscous but balanced by citrussy acids.
Very young, needs at least 5 years (probably 15) to show itself.

8. 1992 Maculan Acininobile

16th Aug 1996 GBP48 Veneto Dessert White

Bright gold.
Elegant, restrained nose of apricots and pancotta.
Amazing concentration with well balanced acidity and flavours of caramel and oak.
Full bodied and fully sweet, this wine needs at least 15 to 30 years.