Wine tasting note: 1996 Tarraford Vineyard Metier Pinot Noir

1996 Tarraford Vineyard Metier Pinot Noir

7th Aug 1999 Australia Table Red

[Open and well aerated for 24 hours] Dark, thick and viscous with an upfront, concentrated nose of strawberries and black cherries, mushrooms, oak, white pepper, hay and gamey meat. Medium bodied with excellent bracing acidity, firm tannins and sweet black cherry fruit. Lots of alcohol and smoky, beefy flavours coming through on a long, concentrated, well-balanced finish. Stunning stuff - one of the few New World Pinots that I would put alongside good Burgundy (Ata Rangi leaps to mind as a peer). Thanks to Martin Williams and Ivo Hasler for the sample.